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Prefer to make your reservation via phone or email? You can make a reservations by calling Mr. Hannu Haarala a.k.a Hanski +358 40 132 6009 or sending a request via email



Special Events & Private Parties

Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests, occasions for us to share our dedication to celebration in exciting new ways.


The 'hanski' Room

Seats up to 25 pax

Located in the first story of the ship, the room is named in honour of the founder - Hannu Haarala for the great efforts dedication, and enthusiasm fighting for the life of Flying Dutch. Walking down stairs brings about breathtaking feeling running through veins. Rays of light refract throught the traditional, round shaped glass windows, creating various captivating patterns on the wooden floor. The polished mahogany color of interiors hit the eyes, Its woody incense was captured from centuries rise up in waves like a miasma ... absolutely pleasant. Beautiful  thick robes were artistically attached to pillars of the room. Preserved ships lie filthy in bottles. Looking closely inside the bottles one could see how delicate and beautiful the ships are. A nostalgic feeling filled the air. Eternal time had preserved the memories of the old hippie man.


Seats up to 140 pax

Flying Dutch's garden is an enchanted garden. It is wide and open, sloping gently down to a cosmic-green beach. A copse of no-name white flowers flanks us in the gate, with a thicket  of peaceful violet one standing guard on the staircase leading to the deck. Apple trees stand in the centre of the garden, casting claw shadows onto the grass. In autumn, the fiery brilliance of their leaves is a sight: scorching-oranges, burning-browns and molten-reds. Then they drift to the ground as silently and carelessly as an ash cloud, settling in to their eternal break. Sitting in the garden in middle of summer,  the aroma of earth percolates through the air. If you try to inhale deep enough, the potpourri of scents registers as a wonderful mix of apple, grass vapour and blossoms. 

Call +358 40 132 6009 or send a request via to reserve either room for your reception or party.